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About Us
eNumismatist is a site started by a coin collector and part-time dealer for coin collectors.  It's that simple. No trying to sell you overgraded and over priced coins here.  Simply a site that will build itself into a useful numismatic information repository with your help.

We have nothing against honest and ethical dealers (and may, in fact recommend particularly notable ones).  But we abhor those who clean coins without full disclosure or otherwise mislead the uneducated purchaser.

We are advocates of what is known as "technical" grading standards.  "Market" grading is nothing more than pushing for the maximum grade the market will bear at a particular time and simply means the grade of your properly cared for coins will change over time.  A technical grade does not change over time.  

For questions or comments, please contact: Bruce W. Edwards, Director, eNumismatist.com



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