eNumismatist is a site started by a coin collector for coin collectors. It’s that simple. No trying to sell you overgraded coins here although I will have items from my personal collection for sale and yes, grading is subjective. This is a web site that will build itself into a useful numismatic information repository as I add information and maybe you can too!

I have nothing against honest and ethical dealers (and may recommend particularly notable ones). But I am disappointed with those who clean coins without full disclosure or otherwise mislead the uneducated purchaser. Frankly, I suspect some of the newer dealers themselves do not know well the look of a natural – untouched – coin.

I am in favor of what is known as “technical” grading standards.”Market” grading (such as employed by the third party grading companies and most dealers today) is nothing more than pushing for the maximum grade the market will bear at a particular time and simply means the grade of your properly cared for coins will change over time. A technical grade does not change over time (assuming the coin itself does not change).

My collectibles background in brief:

I have collected coins off and on since 1971. I worked either part or full time in coin shops most of the time from 1974 to 1985. I have experience setting up and working coin shows.

I was the Manager of a used vinyl records and related collectibles store from 1986 to 1989 (way before the vinyl resurgence we have had in the last few years!). The record store is still in business (Fantasyland Records in Atlanta, GA) and the guy that started soon after me (hello Mark!) became Manager when I left and has been doing a great job ever since!

I started collecting comic books in 1977. From the early 1980s until the early 2000s I bought and sold comic books first as part of my collection and later as a part time business. I set up for a number of years in the 1980s and 1990s at the Atlanta Fantasy Fair and DragonCon. I ran “mail bid” and phone type auctions from about 1986 to 1998 or so, starting well before the internet took off. I was a relatively early ebay member and sold quite a bit there from 1998 through 2010, before moving to New Zealand. See my ebay account at this link –


to get an idea of my ebay reputation. (I will be starting an ebay store soon for a few things using that account).

I also built up a good reputation on New Zealand’s ebay competitor “TradeMe” when I lived there from late 2010 until mid 2021. See this link for my reputation there!


It is still active as I had to leave some coins from my personal collection behind and a friend is doing an excellent job fulfilling those orders.

In 1992, Gary Carter, then publisher of the excellent comic book collector’s magazine “The Comic Book Marketplace”, placed a test order with me to confirm my comic book grading capabilities. Here’s an article about Gary:


I was subsequently invited to be part of the “American Association of Comic Book Collectors” grading committee for the Sotheby’s annual comic book auctions organized by Jerry Weist. Unfortunately, Jerry died too soon. He will be missed. A couple articles here on him:



That was great fun and I did that all but a couple years from 1993 through the last Sotheby’s auction of that type in 2000. This was before the CGC slabs took off for comic book grading and I was able to personally hold some of the most valuable comic books around today (just check out the Sotheby’s comic book auction catalogs from those years to see what great books went through the grading committee. Too bad I did not buy any of them back then! 1993 Sotheby's Comic auction catalog


The reason for mentioning the above is simple: I have experience and do my best to be accurate and want you to be a satisfied user of this web site and perhaps a fellow collector who buys some of my collection. It is that time in life where I need to start selling off my personal collection and this web site and a few other places will be used to do that. So I hope everything goes to other collectors’ homes to be part of their collections.

For questions or comments, please contact: Bruce W. Edwards, Director, eNumismatist.com