This is not a fancy web site. The goal is to keep it simple, “primitive” even in these days of fancy web sites. As building this web site progresses you will see in the “For Sale” section anything currently for sale. We do eventually expect to have some type of shopping cart feature on this web site. Until that time…

Process for buying:

  1. Use an email to us (see contact section for email), make a list of each item you wish to buy. Use each item’s title line, item number and price.
  2. Send us the email.
  3. We will place these items on temporary hold (for 3 days after we send you the invoice via return email) and send you a generated invoice. Stripe is a top provider of secure internet payment services.
  4. You will receive this invoice and pay using Stripe’s secure internet payment infrastructure (so we will not see your payment card information).
  5. We will receive the payment, package and mail your coins or other collectibles. We will send you the tracking information. Very low value, small coin shipments may be sent simply by first class mail (well packaged as a letter) which does not include tracking,see “Shipping Fees Note” below).

Shipping Fees Note:

We do not “make money” off of shipping charges. Frequently, for larger purchases, we will not be charging the full cost we are paying to ship you your order.

Low value coins, such as any for sale for less than $10 (unless bulky) are sent with no additional shipping fee via U.S. first class mail within the United States. If you wish to pay for priority mail for these let us know when you send us your order email. We will only charge our actual cost to send the package.

More expensive items – We will charge the exact cost to send via priority mail or express courier type service (if you prefer).


We enjoy working with fellow collectors all over the world. That said, due to the current world situation, send us an email before ordering and we will check out the mailing situation and let you know if we can send you what you are interested in. Any orders we accept from outside the U.S. are at the buyer’s risk.